#003 Veronica Sinclaire of Social Gem

Podcast #003 Veronica Sinclaire of Social Gem

Veronica Sinclaire started her social enterprise in 1993, before fair trade was even a thing.

Veronica shares why and how she got started, some of the challenges and lessons learned in her 20+ years as a social entrepreneur, and she shares what she feels the world needs more (and less) of.

Hear Veronica’s story and learn how and where her work is helping communities and supporting the education of young girls. Plus hear how you too can help with a unique way to support her change-making work.

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Find out more about Veronica and Social Gem:

Website: https://www.socialgem.org
Facebook: @SocialGemNetwork

Introducing this podcast: Laura Baer of LauraBaer.ca

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