#004 Jen & Bryan Danger of ZenBox Design

Podcast #004 Jen & Bryan Danger of ZenBox Design

Jen & Bryan Danger took the road less traveled and set off to find adventure only to return home to find bliss in their own backyard.

If you’re interested in living minimally (even if that only means rethinking how you function better in the space you currently have), then Jen and Bryan have great advice for you.

In this episode, Jen & Bryan share their journey to ZenBox Design’s creation. They also share how they support each other, how each brings their unique skills to the table and what success means to them.

Hear Jen & Bryan’s story and how their work is helping people live comfortably with less, without sacrificing design, function or style.

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Find out more about Jen, Bryan and ZenBox Design:

Website: http://www.zenboxdesign.com
Facebook: @zenboxdesign
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zenboxdesign/

Introducing this podcast: Nada Nosseir of Turath

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