#005 Krista Jefferson of Just One

Podcast #005 Krista Jefferson of Just One

Krista Jefferson is a wife, a mother of three daughters, a photographer, a traveler, a reader and a lover of life. Krista founded “JustOne” – an organization offering African, handcrafted, one of a kind fashion pieces made by former child soldiers from Kony’s army, AIDS victims, and people struggling to meet their basic needs. This is what she calls World Changing Fashion.

Hear Krista’s story and how her work is helping people in Uganda and Kenya.

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Find out more about Krista and Just One:

Website: https://www.iamjustone.ca
Facebook: @IAmJustOne.ca
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/i_am_justone/
Twitter: IAmJustOne.ca

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