#006 Laura Baer of LauraBaer.ca

Podcast #006 Laura Baer of LauraBaer.ca

“Jack Of All Trades” is a title that can be used to describe Laura Baer. If it has something to do with your health and well-being, Laura can likely help you.

In this episode, you’ll hear how Laura’s work is helping people live more wholistic lives. But more than that, she is passionate about helping you really know and understand your body, and she’s prepared to help you find ways to support your body’s wellness, from the inside out.  She offers a few fun and unique methods to bring you and your loved ones back to the basics and restore your vitality.

Hear Laura’s story and how her work is helping people find their way back to optimal health, quickly and easily.

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Find out more about Laura’s work:

Website: http://laurabaer.ca
Facebook: @laurabaerRMT

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