#007 Nada Nosseir of Turath

Podcast #007 Nada Nosseir of Turath

Nada Nosier of Turath is passionate about maintaining heritage craftsmanship; not only for the beauty that these skilled artisans bring to their work, but to maintain workmanship that has been a part of her native Egypt for hundreds of years.

Anxious to keep these dying practices alive, Nada’s work supports the livelihoods of communities while maintaining quality products and workmanship that many of us have forgotten or never known in today’s fast fashion era.

Hear Nada’s story and how Turath helps maintain heritage craftsmanship while helping communities in her home country of Egypt.

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Find out more about Nada and Turath:
Website: http://www.turathegypt.com
Facebook: @TurathEgypt
Instagram: #turathegypt

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