#008 Anélia Victor & Renée Macpherson of The Original Smiths

Podcast #008 Anélia Victor & Renée Macpherson of The Original Smiths

Could you be business partners with your best friend? Hear how it works for Anélia Victor & Renée Macpherson of The Original Smiths.

Plus the women share their professional and personal challenges beginning a business that blends their talent for up-cycling vintage clothing with their desire to make a difference.

They offer great advice for other entrepreneurs too, whether seasoned professionals or those at the starting gate.

Hear Anélia & Renée’s story and how their work empowers others through creative projects, plus the joys and challenges of owning your own business.

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Find out more about Anélia & Renée and The Original Smiths:
Website: https://www.theoriginalsmiths.com
Facebook: @ogsmiths
Instagram: #ogsmiths

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