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#005 Krista Jefferson of Just One

Podcast #005 Krista Jefferson of Just One Krista Jefferson is a wife, a mother of three daughters, a photographer, a traveler, a reader and a lover of life. Krista founded “JustOne” – an organization offering African, handcrafted, one of a kind fashion pieces made by former child soldiers from Kony’s army, AIDS victims, and people struggling … Continue reading #005 Krista Jefferson of Just One

#003 Veronica Sinclaire of Social Gem

Podcast #003 Veronica Sinclaire of Social Gem Veronica Sinclaire started her social enterprise in 1993, before fair trade was even a thing. Veronica shares why and how she got started, some of the challenges and lessons learned in her 20+ years as a social entrepreneur, and she shares what she feels the world needs more (and … Continue reading #003 Veronica Sinclaire of Social Gem

#001 Introduction: What Is This Podcast About?

Podcast #001 Introduction: What Is This Podcast About? Welcome to The Gentle Earth Business Network Podcast! In this podcast series you will be introduced to entrepreneurs who are making it their business to make the world a better place. If you’re a consumer who wants to support businesses that are making a positive difference in … Continue reading #001 Introduction: What Is This Podcast About?